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Google+: It’s time to rethink your SEO and SM strategies November 15, 2011

Posted by Lynn Christiansen Esquer in Marketing and PR.
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Last week, the business SEO landscape changed significantly: Google+ opened up its company pages to the public. All things being Google, this means that brands need to seriously consider incorporating a G+ page into their marketing strategy.

It’s a no-brainer that Google will use its ubiquity to ensure that G+ pages rank higher than Facebook or LinkedIn pages in Google search. Already we’ve seen that the +1 button has made a difference how searches are ranked. Links from G+ to webpages and blog posts will also continue to provide a higher search ranking. It makes sense that Google will continue to skew its algorithms to favor its own results.

And now try this one out. In your Google search bar, type in “+Pepsi”. You will be automatically land on Pepsi’s G+ page — even if you haven’t signed up for G+. How’s that for simple? Now imagine if it were that easy for people to land on your organization’s social media presence.

All signs point to G+ being on the path to having a powerful social media presence (even if, in my experience, virtual tumbleweeds have been blowing across my G+ feed since July). Its audience is currently made up of mostly business people and the tech savvy. Its circles and hangouts have a clear business use case, and can be used with Google’s other business products, such as Docs, Calendar and Blogspot. Clearly, Google is quickly becoming the go-to for business solutions.

Today, Google announced that it is going to be working with media management companies and tools to make it easier for organizations to manage their social media presence across multiple social networks. In other words, Google is poised to help you shift your business emphasis away from other social media networks to G+. And your decision to do so will be made easier as it continues to shift its SEO algorithms to favor your presence there as well.

Machiavellian? Maybe. Savvy? Absolutely. And definitely something a business marketer can’t afford to ignore.

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