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“I had the pleasure of working with Lynn when she was marketing director for The Open Group. She has an outstanding feel for effective marketing making use of traditional and modern (social) media, which is strengthened by her extensive contact network. She understands and utilizes viral marketing, which also has obvious cost advantages. She combines professionalism and drive with an infectious enthusiasm and a tremendous respect for people. This is very important in organizations like The Open Group, where most contributions are voluntary and the contributors always need to give priority to activities for their own employers. I would unhesitatingly recommend Lynn to any organization looking for marketing communications with a feel for the times in which we live.”
~ Stuart Boardman, Senior Business Consultant, KPN Consulting Nederland (11/’11)

“Lynn is a highly professional and effective marketing campaigner. She led the development of a successful global rebranding and re-launch for The Open Group, established a new corporate website, introduced a new social media campaign engaging multiple companies, and developed new media plans with Hotwire and Bateman Group agencies. This was significantly needed, and was very noticeable in terms of impact on the profession image improvement this had on The Open Group, particularly as it critically grew in the last year to include new Asia regions and growth of the brand enabled directly by her efforts.”
~ Mark Skilton, Global Director, Portfolio Strategy, Capgemini

“I worked with Lynn for just over a year, on many projects that involved co-operation between Marketing and the Web. Although separated by time zones (me UK; Lynn west coast USA) she was always immensely flexible, allowing for a productive working relationship. 

I have every respect for Lynn’s skills in managing social networking, including our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in. Her efforts significantly raised the profile of our Web site and ultimately our company. Her attention to detail in vetting, writing and amending Web copy was also highly commendable and came to the fore when we launched a new Web site, when Lynn co-ordinated and managed large chunks of new pages. 

Throughout it all, she maintained a very co-operative and personable approach to all projects that we worked on together.”
~ John Bligh, Web Editor, The Open Group (11/’11)

“Lynn is an ideal client contact to work for because she articulates her expectations clearly, is very supportive and responsive. She’s always fully engaged with her PR teams wherever they are based (and even if there is an eight hour time difference). Working with Lynn is really enjoyable – she’s always calm under pressure and has a very positive attitude.”
~ Amy Gooch, Programme Director, Hotwire Public Relations

“Lynn is a very professional marketing and communications director. Her strength is in optimal use of all kinds of different media like blogs, podcasts and social media. She is also very good in motivating others to contribute to the different means of communication. Her marketing and communication work is very effective and it is a pleasure to work together with Lynn.”
~ Mieke Mahakena, Label lead architecture training portfolio, Capgemini Academy

“It was a great pleasure to work with Lynn when she was Communication Director at The Open Group. Very easy to talk, accessible, committed with the satisfaction of the person she proposed to help but always based on ethics and common sense. Besides she has excellent communication skills demonstrated many times working with the association that I actually run – a|EA Brazil Chapter. I hope we can do more business together in the future.”
~ Roberto Severo, Founder (Chair), AOGEA Brazil (11/’11)

“Lynn has done a great job managing our social media outreach, bringing in new approaches to reach out, and adding a lot of value. She is always super responsive and a pleasure to work with.”
~ Andrew Josey, Director of Standards, The Open Group

“I worked with Lynn on The Open Group’s PR account at Hotwire. Despite a significant time difference between us, Lynn was able to provide great support and counsel for our PR outreach.”
Bradley Tubb, Programme Executive, Hotwire Public Relations (11/’11)

“Lynn is a highly skilled marcoms professional. She is a resourceful and creative team player who can be relied on to deliver her commitments.”
~ Chris Parnell, Director, Membership Services, The Open Group (11/’11)

“Lynn has a great grasp of social media and how to utilize them to build an organization’s relationship with its customers. Lynn is responsive, caring and determined in achieving the goal.”
~ Graham Bird, Principal, EnigmaConsult

“Lynn is a detail-oriented professional, who always has the clients needs in mind. She stays on top of projects like no one I’ve ever seen before. She is an exceptional strategist, writer and editor. She is always willing to share experiences and insight to help her co-workers. I am a better PR professional for having worked with Lynn.”
~ Maureen O’Shay, Public Relations Manager, Shennum Green, Inc.

“Lynn is simply a delight to work with! Lynn has the wonderful ability to look at a project strategically while also keeping all of the details in sight and in hand. I would trust her with any project regardless of size or topic. She works in partnership with you to ensure your needs are met while at the same time keeping the entire team focused and on task. I would recommend her for any project!”
~ Cindy Solomon, President & CEO, Solomon and Associates (6/’09)

“Lynn is an excellent writer on anything from Web to ad copy, and from brochures to bylined articles. She can quickly pick up on new subjects and write for a range of audiences.”
~ Ann Barlow, President, West Coast, Peppercom Strategic Communications (6/’09)

“I just can’t say enough about Lynn. She is one of the best Account Managers I‘ve ever worked with. She is extremely detailed, organized, sound strategic advice, creative, resourceful and has excellent people skills. This enables Lynn to understand all a client’s wants and needs. Making it extremely helpful and a joy to work on with her. At the same time, Lynn has a knack on keeping a project on track and budget. Lynn is joy to work and will be an asset to anyone’s team.”
~ Vicki Rosel, Graphic Design Specialist, Shennum Green, Inc.

“Lynn is a creative thinking, extremely organized, account managing powerhouse. She always gets the job done, on time and on budget.”
~ Jeanne Ryan, Creative Director, Shennum Green, Inc. 

“I had the opportunity to work with Lynn while at Shennum Green, where she served as the Account Manager. I distinctly remember when Lynn first started at the agency because she really hit the ground running at full speed. She was able to adapt well to a new environment, while fitting in with the company culture. She has a very good understanding of client needs because she is an excellent listener with wonderful people skills. This was very important because of the many different client personalities we dealt with on a day-to-day basis. Lynn is a very dedicated employee and it was evident that she cares about her work and the people she works with. She would be an immediate and invaluable asset to any company she works for.”
~ Kyle Lerch, Account Coordinator, Shennum Green Advertising

“Lynn is a wonderful Account Manager as she is not only detailed, but provides sound strategic advice for her clients. She is creative and resourceful. She also writes extremely well. Lynn is a joy to be around and has a great sense of humor.”
~ Susan Betfarhad, Account Manager, Shennum Green, Inc.

“I respected Lynn’s work in newspapers and was eager to hire her when the opportunity arose, initially for work in public relations campaigns. Her energy and creativity highlighted her disciplined communications skills as we put Ex’Pression Center for New Media (Now Expression College) on the map. Lynn progressed to become one of the highest performing account managers in our agency, working with one of our most demanding clients at AT&T. I recommend her highly.”
~ Jack Lyness, Sr. Vice President, e-agency

“Lynn and I worked together twice, first as newspaper reporters and then at a public relations agency. Lynn was always a go-getter, honest, tireless on behalf of her clients and fearless about any challenge before her.”
~ Stacey Wells, Communications and Public Affairs Director, Sutter Health (4/’08)

“During my tenure in the Cable Industry I worked with Lynn on several occasions, during which time the political and competitive atmosphere within the “target market” on which we were focusing was extremely sensitive. Lynn provided us with concrete, innovative PR strategies that were executed flawlessly. Lynn is a very hard-working individual with undeniably superior work ethics. I highly recommend her to any organization/individual that has a desire to hire only the best.”|
(Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative. Hired Lynn more than once)
~ Mary Carrera, Founder, Carrera Productions  (4/’08)

“Working with Lynn was a pleasure and I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with her again. In a nutshell, GUP (Grace Under Pressure) characterizes how Lynn operates. She never lets the relentless pressure of deadlines tarnish her meticulous work or her delightful attitude. Lynn is a highly organized and creative professional who I recommend without reservation.”
~ Sandra Ann Harris, Sr. Account Manager, e-agency, Inc. 



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